He gave me hope.
He made me believe.
That there’s still us.
That we just need time.

there is
no more us.

I held on to his words.
I held on to this promises.
I held on for so long.

he has
already moved on.

He found someone new.
I’ll give you a clue:
There’s no more we.
Because it’s not me.


A Bad Dream

I dreamt about you and me
We were sitting under a tree
Silence filled our ears
As I held back the tears
Will you stay with me?
So we can be happy?
But you stood and walked away
Saying you don’t want to stay.

I’m Not Sure If…

I’m not sure
If all the time here on earth
Is enough to spend with you
I’m not sure if the world
Will be enough to travel with you
I’m not sure if my hands
Are wide enough to offer you the biggest hug
I’m not sure if my body
Is warm enough to comfort you
I’m not sure if my lips
Are sweet enough to give you the sweetest kiss
I’m not sure if my heart
Is big enough to give you all the love you need
I’m not sure if my words
Are enough to tell you how much I love you

But one thing is sure

My love is enough to make you feel loved

Tell Me How

How could you wake up early
When you cried yourself to sleep?
How do you start a conversation
If you’re too shy to talk?

How could you tell someone you like him
When he doesn’t even know you exist?
How do you love someone
Who’s out of your league?

How could you cry more
When you’re already  out of tears?
How do you say goodbye to someone
If you don’t know he’s leaving?

How could you make promises
If you’re going to break them anyway?
How could you see me as her
When all I do is to be different?

How could you say you love me
When you don’t even know the real me?

The Leaf

Here I am once again
A fallen angel from heaven
I’ve always been too stiff
That’s why I always fall, like a leaf.

My touch has always been soft

My pride was never been aloft
My life from the start was poignant
I didn’t  want to be this stagnant.

Days passed by like pages of a book

While I stay here, alone in my nook
I once lived outside there, free
Happy with my family, my tree.

They used to hold me so tight

Never let me out of their sight
But in a blink of an eye, I was gone
And boom! By the rain, my life’s done.


I know that I already found my forever
Who might go with me wherever
I will no longer search for another one
Deep in my heart, you’ll never be gone
Look not into what is perfect, but look on what is right
Whatever trial, together, we will fight
Happy or sad, whatever, just stay with me forever