A Bad Dream

I dreamt about you and me
We were sitting under a tree
Silence filled our ears
As I held back the tears
Will you stay with me?
So we can be happy?
But you stood and walked away
Saying you don’t want to stay.


The Leaf

Here I am once again
A fallen angel from heaven
I’ve always been too stiff
That’s why I always fall, like a leaf.

My touch has always been soft

My pride was never been aloft
My life from the start was poignant
I didn’t ¬†want to be this stagnant.

Days passed by like pages of a book

While I stay here, alone in my nook
I once lived outside there, free
Happy with my family, my tree.

They used to hold me so tight

Never let me out of their sight
But in a blink of an eye, I was gone
And boom! By the rain, my life’s done.

A Knight’s Nightmare

The sky looks so gloomy today
Raindrops doesn’t stop falling
The wind is so strong by the bay
Behind the clouds, the sun’s hiding

The flowers all seem to wither
The water on the river is dry
Birds no longer chirp with the weather
Like life is just a lie

But I don’t understand
It keeps on raining nonstop
But everything’s dry as the sand
Leaving no signs of a raindrop

I have done everything I could
Spent sleepless days and nights
If I were given more, I still would
So I don’t have to give up this fight

I feel so down and hopeless
Deep inside’s none but depression
Everything looks meaningless
I need a taste of satisfaction

I guess the world’s all messed up
Is it the world or just my life?
Happiness no longer fills my cup
But sadness that cuts like a knife

I lost everything in this war
Everything but my dear stallion
I wish he can still run and take me far
Because I knew he’s one in a million

Should I give in?
Pretend I don’t care?
Should I give up?
And fall into this nightmare?

No, ’cause I’m a knight within
And I’ll never give in, never give up
Whatever keeps me from winnin’
I’ll always keep my hopes up