Lost Memories

My mind is soaring
through the wind,
drowning in the waters,
walking down the streets,
searching for my lost memories…

…of you.


Open Your Eyes

When will you learn to appreciate
the things I do for you
to see how much I love you?

Will you ever see through the friendship
that you and I keep?

I wrote this for you because my heart might explode
of the words I want to say to make you stay.

And I hope that someday,
you’d read this somewhere and realize that I do really care.


She always wants to be alone and sits under the mango tree behind their school. She writes poems and letters about love. With a pencil, a notebook, and her heart bursting out her feelings and emotions for the boy she’s yet to find.
He always walks by the mango tree behind their school building, watching her. Wondering what is it that she’s writing. With a pencil, a notebook, and his heart bursting with imagination, sketching the face of the girl he always sees but never saw.
And then one day, their eyes met.
She found him, and he finally saw her.

Reading Across the Universe

Today I feel sad and lonely
All alone, with nowhere to look
Deep inside this dark alley
So I sat down and open a book.

Page after page, my hands flipped
Word by word, my eyes ate
To what extent, my heartbeat skipped
Making me forget how to hate.

I looked around and saw the stars
They’re beautiful, dreaming or not
Then I traveled, starting from Mars
Guess I really read books a lot.

I met creatures, aliens I think
I wasn’t scared, but amazed
Not a second, my eyes dared to blink
Looking around the purple haze.

Then reality snapped back at me
I flipped the last page of the book
It’s sad and it hurts to see
That I’m alone again in my nook.

Reading helps me escape reality
It gives me magic to break the curse
And travel to the other side of diversity
Reading across the universe.

*I made this poem when my sister asked help for her project. She’s not the literary type of girl so I did it for her. She asked me to write a poem entitled Reading Across the Universe in the middle of the night and said she need it the following morning. Great. Just great.