Free Verse


He gave me hope.
He made me believe.
That there’s still us.
That we just need time.

there is
no more us.

I held on to his words.
I held on to this promises.
I held on for so long.

he has
already moved on.

He found someone new.
I’ll give you a clue:
There’s no more we.
Because it’s not me.



She always wants to be alone and sits under the mango tree behind their school. She writes poems and letters about love. With a pencil, a notebook, and her heart bursting out her feelings and emotions for the boy she’s yet to find.
He always walks by the mango tree behind their school building, watching her. Wondering what is it that she’s writing. With a pencil, a notebook, and his heart bursting with imagination, sketching the face of the girl he always sees but never saw.
And then one day, their eyes met.
She found him, and he finally saw her.